I maintain three blogs:

  • My Research Blog will include information concerning my academic work. Occasionally, some entries might be cross-posted to my Information Security Leadership Blog.

  • The Information Security Leadership Blog documents some of my (increasingly rare) insights with regards to information security. The most recent post was made on 20 July 2018 and had the title Patch Deployment.

  • The Technology Toolshed documents some of my electronics tinkering.


My professional web page is over at Adelphi University.

Open Source Projects

In addition to the blogs, you can find a few Github repositories with varying degrees of usefulness:

  • metar is an free and open-source program, written in C, that will download aviation weather reports and present them in human-readable form.

  • Tempberry Pi is an IoT project that implements an automated temperature sensor that publishes is readings to a website.

  • Hiwa is a Horribly Insecure Web Application. It sports many security vulnerabilities and it is used for instructional purposes during Capture-the-Flag sessions.

  • Arduino Serial Statusbox is an Arduino-based red-amber-green traffic light controlled via a serial port. It comes with a daemon written in Python that allows the box to be remote controlled via the Internet.

  • Arduino Lights and Sirens is a little box with LEDs and speakers. It can play different sirens and shows different light patterns. A YouTube video explains it better.